Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I know this is a bit late but I have decided to stop updating this blog.

I had big ideas for what I wanted to put on here but the game at endgame just wasnt worth the time and frankly I play a game to have fun. And the only thing fun about it was hanging with my buddies in vent. So maybe eventually ill come back and continue my blog but congrats to Funcom for not releasing a finished game.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wrath vs Spirit

So I decided to start testing specs trying to fine tune everything before I hit 80 there is nothing more "gimp" than just learning a feat because some one tells you too. You should test it and mix and match to see if it fits your Game play. What one person might be interested in a feat that another might never use plus if you do train feats without a proper understanding of them how do you plan on ever using them efficiently. So to start things off the 2 main choices Spirit and Wrath trees. There is a general tree but I have not found a good way to incorporate those skills in the type of PvPing that I'm interested in. I'm not saying they are not good for PvP just saying I have found better places to spend my points according to what I think I will be doing most.

Wrath & Spirit

Under the Wrath tree the first feat is Nature's Wrath
Nature's Wrath- All the bear shaman's attacks have a chance of triggering a secondary effect on Blood Flow, Adding an extra healing effect.

Under the Spirit tree the first feat is Blood Warrior
Blood Warrior- Improves the Blood flow spell by increasing the damage done by the bear shaman's Melee attacks for a short period of time. This effect can be stacked up to 5 times.

Now considering they are both based off of Blood flow I suggest putting 5 points into both of those skills the first 10 points you get. Why? because more than likely you will be putting points in both trees to achieve the type of spec you want. neither tree is solely healing or solely damage so mixing and matching is almost bound to happen with bear shaman. Plus they both effect the same spell so you are giving Blood Flow more utility by specing Nature's Wrath and Blood Warrior.

So after spending points in each when you Cast Blood flow you will get a bonus in damage from the buff I know its hard to just stand there and keep casting them to stack them up to 5 to get the maximum effect out of them and in my opinion its not logical. But if you cast one while swinging around your weapon every time your health goes down slightly and keeping renewal up you will not only get a HoT on yourself but you will also increase your damage and with all 5 points in Nature's Wrath you should also increase your healing for a short time. Plus the proc on it happens quite often. There is your feat information today Hope you enjoyed.


What Do You Wanna Know?

I started testing a few things probably have them up by tomorrow kinda have to grind out a few levels tonight most of my guild is around the upper 50s now so I don't wanna fall behind but i recorded some more content and ill have a new post out by tonight or tomorrow. If you have any questions or things you want me to post about tell me and ill try to get things up as soon as possible. So lemme know and comment here.


Untamed Regeneration

So I tested out untamed regen and it may be one of the most useful feat skills that are available to bear Shaman. A basic over view of the skill is that it grants the priest an ability which increases their rate of life regeneration but increases the damage inflicted by enemy attacks. It is an instant cast and stays on until you click it off. So if you play smart this skill will be your best friend. Often when bear Shaman Are soloing stamina is the only problem. so far I haven't had any trouble with maintaining mana except while i am the only healer in a group killing elites they do alot of damage and with steady hots its pretty difficult to heal through it all considering you have one decent size heal that is on a 30 second cooldown.

Untamed Regeneration
+137.8 natural mana regen
+46.4 natural health regen
+91.8 natural stamina Regen

-10% to all invulnerability's

So basically while you have this buff up you do not have to worry about mana or stamina but you do take more damage. So you have to be smart while using this skill if you are fighting Mobs that hit hard and you are the one taking the damage I wouldn't advise using this skill until after the fight to regen fast. But however if you are fighting mobs that dont hit to hard or you are in a party healing or assisting with damage keep the buff up and you wont have much trouble with stam and mana.

First Post

So I created my Blogspot today during the 2 hour server downtime. My Friend and fellow Guildy Settar told me how well his blog was doing so I decided to make a resource of my own. I have reached lvl 49 in release so far. So I'm doing pretty well keeping up with the curve. so far I have taped a couple fraps random PvP encounters a little bit of bear Shammy PvE along with a almost 50 screen shots of kool things on the way. I made this blog to discuss how to spend talent points and basic styles of Game play, PvP Stratagies and solo/group techniques. I will get another post up soon when I get a little break from grinding till then happy hunting.