Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Untamed Regeneration

So I tested out untamed regen and it may be one of the most useful feat skills that are available to bear Shaman. A basic over view of the skill is that it grants the priest an ability which increases their rate of life regeneration but increases the damage inflicted by enemy attacks. It is an instant cast and stays on until you click it off. So if you play smart this skill will be your best friend. Often when bear Shaman Are soloing stamina is the only problem. so far I haven't had any trouble with maintaining mana except while i am the only healer in a group killing elites they do alot of damage and with steady hots its pretty difficult to heal through it all considering you have one decent size heal that is on a 30 second cooldown.

Untamed Regeneration
+137.8 natural mana regen
+46.4 natural health regen
+91.8 natural stamina Regen

-10% to all invulnerability's

So basically while you have this buff up you do not have to worry about mana or stamina but you do take more damage. So you have to be smart while using this skill if you are fighting Mobs that hit hard and you are the one taking the damage I wouldn't advise using this skill until after the fight to regen fast. But however if you are fighting mobs that dont hit to hard or you are in a party healing or assisting with damage keep the buff up and you wont have much trouble with stam and mana.


Kevin Boyle said...

Great post! Thanks for filling us in.

As a lower level player not knowing good feats from bad ones, can you discusss one feat per day?

Your favorites?

The ones worth skipping?

Thanks! cya ingame.

Vendel said...

Yea ill probably cover almost every skill eventually, Considering there really is no such thing as a bad feat just depends on what type of game play you want.

Ill have a couple more for you soon.

Karl V said...

Actually, one of the feats I'd really like to discuss is Animalistic Fury. Currently, I put 5 points into it, because I figured extra 2h blunt damage wasn't a bad thing, but I'm just not sure if it is more worthwhile than, say, Ursine Onslaught.

What do you think?

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