Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What Do You Wanna Know?

I started testing a few things probably have them up by tomorrow kinda have to grind out a few levels tonight most of my guild is around the upper 50s now so I don't wanna fall behind but i recorded some more content and ill have a new post out by tonight or tomorrow. If you have any questions or things you want me to post about tell me and ill try to get things up as soon as possible. So lemme know and comment here.



Josh said...

I've been thinking of rolling a bear shaman recently after playing a PoM to level 10. It seems that bear shamans are almost undervalued or not as popular. I wanted to know a little bit more on how the leveling journey has treated you. If grouping or healing was ever a problem and what you thought was most unique about the class. I'm especially interested in the bear shamans healing capabilities since i'd like to fulfill a healer role end game.

M said...

Nice concept, I am looking forward to your future posts. I also agree with the last comment and would be curious to hear your take on your leveling journey. My feeling is that the true value of the Bear Shaman has yet to be determined. I have leveled my Shammy to 18, and have enjoyed the combination of healing and combat. I am a little concerned about the variety and quantity of spells available since they are not acquired every 2 lvls like WoW. My question is this: Do you have a feat progression to lvl 25 or so? It seems that in most games that there is a leveling build, and then a switch to a PVE or PVP build. Do you anticipate that to be the case with the Bear Shammy as well?